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When veterans re-enter society, adjusting to the routine of daily life can be challenging. Some are dealing with the effects of PTSD, anxiety or depression. In order to cope with these everyday challenges, they need a positive outlet and a sense of community. War Eagle Garage is determined to give veterans in Fort Collins, CO just that. We accomplish this through motorsport racing.

Our Vision is to provide a high-performance motorsports recreational outlet to our veterans whose hearts pump motor oil and lungs breathe high-octane fumes. By getting veterans together to form a local racing team, we seek to promote community and a sense of belonging.


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Why a Veterans Racing Team?

Camaraderie is Key to Good Health, plus it’s just really cool. The success of being involved on a race team for veterans comes in many forms. Members of the military often feel as if they have a family they can relate to thanks to similar experiences on the battlefield and in the military. A race team is in many ways just like a troop/platoon or a department with a mission that many Veterans can relate to. The camaraderie helps just as much as the race day activities. Veterans can share stories with people who understand their situation, while physical and mental activities give the nervous system something to focus on other than a traumatic injury or mental fatigue, and the feel-good environments release serotonin, laughter, and just great memories. Meet fellow veterans transitioning to civilian life and many now already civilians with careers and helpful networks.

A few years ago, I was teaching welding at a community college in Colorado. After a holiday break I received an e-mail that began “My son Paul” after opening it I learned that he committed suicide. Paul was one of my veteran students. As you can understand this affected me deeply on many different levels. I remember being a Paul, and struggling to find my way after serving my country. I was in a dark place at one time when a hand was extended to me that gave me a feeling of purpose and direction. This hand was connected to a motorsports team. They needed me and I needed them. I found purpose and camaraderie within that team that not only help bring me out of my dark place but set me on a path to succeed in life and my career. Currently, there are over 200 veterans in the northern Colorado area that are on a list that reads suicide watch. My hope is to be able to provide a motorsports platform and share my story and reach the many “Paul’s” in my community. This platform is “The War Eagle Garage” - Thompson Tindall, Founder/CEO

Skills that Matter

Today's typical motorsports teams require dedicated team members that utilize specialized skills to contribute to the success of the team. Veterans understand this, this is the very core of how our military is structured. We educate, train, practice, and perform. Veterans also are familiar with using the latest technology. Racing teams utilize specialized technology in everything from the cars to communications and data analysis every week. This provides a platform for veterans to connect with activities that they are accustom to while serving. Virtually any military job description can translate to a position on a racing team.


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