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When veterans re-enter society, adjusting to the routine of daily life can be challenging. Some are dealing with the effects of PTSD, anxiety or depression. In order to cope with these everyday challenges, they need a positive outlet and a sense of community. War Eagle Garage is determined to give veterans in Fort Collins, CO just that. We accomplish this through motorsport racing.

Our Vision is to provide a high-performance motorsports recreational outlet to our veterans whose hearts pump motor oil and lungs breathe high-octane fumes. By getting veterans together to form a local racing team, we seek to promote community and a sense of belonging.


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With us, veterans come first

We use motorsport racing as a vehicle to tune the mind and soul of our returning veterans. When you donate your time and money to our cause, you're helping one brave soldier:

Learn how to transition into civilian life
Cope with the effects of war
Develop positive coping strategies
Feel a sense of belonging

If you're in Fort Collins, CO or the surrounding northern area and want to donate to our racing team, call 970-213-2180 now.


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