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Is to enhance and improve the lives of our Veterans though a Motorsports program, link veterans to healthcare, education, and employment opportunities, aid in veterans physical, mental and financial challenges and to improve the quality of life for our local veterans in Northern Colorado.

Why we Exist


Of the 239, 305, 217 veterans in the United States, there are 396,700 Veterans in Colorado. Ten percent (10.1%) of Colorado's adult population are veterans of the U.S. Military. In Larimer County, Colorado nine percent (8.9%) of the adult population are veterans. Only thirty nine percent (38.7%) of Larimer County veterans over age 25 hold a Bachelor's degree while there is nine percent (8.7%) unemployment rate in the veteran population, much higher than the three percent (2.7%) state unemployment statistics.


It is estimated that more than 700,000 combat veterans in the country are struggling with some form of combat-related stress. Twenty-two (22) veterans die by suicide each day and 30% of active duty and reserve military deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health problem. Of these veterans in less than half of returning veterans in need receive any mental health treatment.


War Eagle Garage will provide health care, education and employment resources to all returning veterans in our geographical area of service. We will be a referral clearinghouse for these resources to assist veterans in finding and utilizing all the available services customized to their individual lives.

Our Goals


Veteran success requires a superior veteran experience in every step of each veteran's journey. Building on clear and well-defined goals for veterans to achieve a degree, meaningful employment and a successful transition from active duty, we will infuse the whole War Eagle Garage experience with an inclusive and Vet-to-Vet support system. We will reduce barriers to success by expanding our support for veterans from diverse backgrounds throughout their journey with the War Eagle Garage, from connection through completion. We will promote positive decision-making that is built on "Changing Gears and Thinking Inside the box" that actively engages veterans in successfully transitioning from active duty into the civilian environment. We will benefit from the creativity, expertise, and innovation of our community partners, and we will promote collaboration among veterans, veteran services, and other higher learning institutions.


Veteran success grows from a culture that fosters inclusivity, innovation, collaboration, and excellence. In all the activities and dialog, we will strive to include and respect the diverse experiences, values and perspectives of our veterans and public partners, and we will actively work to ensure that the War Eagle Garage is a welcoming and inclusive environment. Because an investment in our partners is an investment in our veterans, we will recognize partner's contributions and support training and professional development that help our veterans, both students and non-students, grow. We will focus on agility and efficiency in our organizational processes since they ultimately affect our veterans' ability to navigate the transitioning experience smoothly. We will invest in safe, accessible, and appealing facilities that meet veterans and staff needs. We will also commit to fiscal responsibility and efficiency in all operations so that our resources can be focused on best assisting veterans, and we will invest in successful grant development and fundraising to broaden our funding sources. Finally, we will continue to assess our work and use data to make informed decisions.


Veteran success requires dynamic, current, and relevant programs that lead to sustainable employment at a living wage. We will work closely with our business and community partners to educate and train highly qualified employees, develop a strong regional workforce, and identify opportunities for appropriate and responsible program development. We will develop and maintain relevant programs and partnerships that educate veterans for viable careers, promote life-long learning, and improve the communities we serve. We will continue to strengthen our partnerships by effectively communicating our mission, values, and contributions to our stakeholders.